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DRIA HOME BUILDERS (Pty) Ltd is an Independent Property Renovation and Project Management company KZN. Dedicated to providing the customer with the best quality of work at a fair price. Our company has experienced professional builders with dedicated workmanship to provide the customer with excellent service.

As a building company believing in providing customers a team of highly skilled vendors that provides project management guidance to the broader team. We provide value to the customer by saving them time, minimize their communication between service providers. Every customer that has undergone a project him/herself historically, agrees to get the work done timelessly by meeting its deadlines and to hold the right parties accountable for their actions.

One of the elements is time-sheets, expenditures and budgets are in the construction field that is necessary for the project. Our consultation fees have various packages with attached values and marketed at premium prices or market depending on the scope of workflow and tasks

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A general contractor certified for your peace of mind

Our main focus is the residential market and we are also known as a house builder. During a building and construction project, a building contractor follows a logical process, e.g. the roof comes after the walls.

There are many different resources used in the building industry; within one sector alone there may be catalogs and brochures that could fill the average bookcase. Unlike most suppliers, service providers, contractors, and manufactures, DRIA HOME BUILDERS provide comprehensive and helpful information

Identifying what is required is generally the logical first step. As an example, a user identified that doors are required on a project. This information is obtained from drawings and/or specifications and schedules. After this, the quantity is calculated, and then the specified determined. Sometimes depending on the project, the specification is determined before the quantity. This process must be completed before a price can be allocated – logical but unfortunately, it’s not always what done in practice. 



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Meet the Founder & Director​

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Terrence Dria™​

Founder & Director

Terrence is an experienced 11 year Project Manager, Entrepreneur, and Business Owner. Driven by enthusiasm and intensity, he takes pride in providing the best quality possible. As a Senior Systems Engineer and Project Co-Ordinator, his goals include close attention to detail, work under pressure, and goal-driven, and career orientated. In addition to his primary job functions, Terrence has been recognized by various Corporate IT around South Africa personnel for his extraordinary commitment to hard work and discipline

My vision is to provide better housing and to improve living standards for all

For any general contractor, the question of whether or not to join a Registration Council is an important one. There are a number of them and choosing the right one is essential. But how do you make the right choice for your house construction?

While joining a long-standing, reputable association does give you the benefit of their name behind yours, it’s also about the services you are offered as a member.

As a building contractor, you want to get on with the job. But you also have to keep up with the new legislation and regulations. You need to ensure your health and safety practices are top-notch and within legal requirements like hiring a site supervisor, and you need to ensure you do everything that is required so you can maintain a financially secure business.

This means that relevant and comprehensive training, supplementary services, and advice at your fingertips are essential. Why should you choose us as the main contractor, sub-contractor, or building material supplier? Master builders Association North has been operating for 113 years in the building industry. Members like us, are held to a code of conduct and ethics, good workmanship, and compliance to Construction Regulations – this gives customers serious peace of mind when engaging with an MBA North Member. MBA North markets the association to all relevant target markets, from Architectural professionals and developers to homeowners.

As a member, our company is part of the main-stream industry, which means we can be actively involved in shaping the Industry legislation as part of the Association. Customers voice alone may be silent, but a collective voice can influence legislation.

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We always ensure all products are approved and certified

Hear what our customers say

"When I first heard about DRIA Home Builders, it sounded super-convenient. Renovation costs in minutes? Most especially loved the idea, but worried about whether the workmanship would be any good. Investing time and money on a service that created additional costs weren't any better than the DIY tasks."


"I love DRIA Home Builders because it's so easy to use. Just answer a few questions about my property and DRIA Home Builders does the rest... While it may seem like a building contractor couldn't be unique that rivals that of other builders, have to say that I'm really impressed. I'm not the only one either—based on the number of families responding to my renovation, I'd say they're pretty impressed too..."..


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