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Amazing Remodel that Creates Average Cost Easy

No two structures are the same, no two building costs are the same

It must be categorically stated that there is really no such thing as a standard building rate per square meter. Because no two structures are the same, no two building costs are the same. This does not just relate to the finishes in a building, as finishes on average only make up between 20-30% of the building cost.

Building on a site is not simply a matter of finding a design and to suit one needs. There are many aspects to consider and look out for; such as gradient or slope, northern and southern hemisphere in terms of the western sun, entry, building lines and servitudes, view, and shape. Climatic conditions determine the importance of orientation.

The combination of all these aspects on a site is more complex than would imagine. Also, take time to check out the soil conditions on the stand chosen – certain soil can pose difficulty for building and may also pose landscaping difficulties adding costs to the build.

Remember to check if the site was chosen is in a proclaimed township and what the municipal services are offered for example some areas do not have rubbish collection services. Also, check what the rates and taxes are for the area as this will become part of the monthly cost of living and will be due for payment on the transfer of the property.

Entry is a very important factor and in the southern hemisphere, it is preferable to have entry on the southern, eastern, or western boundaries allowing one to take full advantage of the northern portion of the site for living and entertainment areas and to optimize energy efficiency. In some developments, sites are restrictive in terms of entry, which can affect the layout and orientation of the house.

Not all sites have a view, but if one is fortunate enough to have a view, one should take full advantage of it. A southern view does tempt a designer to place the living and entertainment areas on the southern side of the house, leaving them in permanent shadow and making them cold. A site with a western view can cause complications because of the harsh afternoon sun penetrating the rooms on the western side. A site with an eastern view will get the morning sun, which is not as harsh as the afternoon sun, but will leave the rooms in shadow in the afternoon The ideal view is north.

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