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Frequently Asked Questions for every building class of work
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Joinery or finishing carpentry can be described as the function of making and or fixing the wooden finishing and trims to a building.
Materials such as doors, skirting, architraves, linings, shelving, windows, dado rails, and other items which might be recognized as a carpentry activity.
Carpentry are an essential part of building work and based on architecure requirements and customer preferences
Common paints like PVA are most commonly used as under base coat. However it always preferred to use the right product for your job.
Most common leaks are the results from damaged roofs and deteriorated waterproofing. Before changing ceiling boards, its best practice find the root cause.
Most common are 6.4mm Rhinoboard ceiling including bandering and 75mm cove cornices
Concrete strengths are based on engineer specs for example a 25 Mpa with either mix Proportions 9.5mm to 13.2mm Stone
Early stage or settlement cracks are common after a new installation. Certain cracks are an indication of structrual faults. You should contact your local engineer for professional advice.
Some residential properties requires foundation strip footings based on engineer specs
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