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Ultimate Pros’ Guide To Renovating Your Bathroom

It's a smart choice that increases the value of your home after the remodel. These are appropriate for all bathrooms styles, but they fit especially well in modern and contemporary decors.

A bathroom redo is going to cost you time, money. But if you’re smart about spending, the investment will likely prove worth it.
The trick is to choose upgrades that jibe with your lifestyle and routines—“We ask Questions Before You Start

Any designer worth hiring would run these past their clients before getting started.

First things first—before you even start mood-boarding or falling in love with a bathroom design you want to recreate—ask yourself the boring questions. You may not even realize they impact your bathroom needs, but they do! Any designer worth hiring would run these past their clients before getting started. So get your answers ready, talk to your designer

  • A freestanding tub—if you have room for one

A freestanding tub—if you have room for one—is great for resale value. But if your space isn’t big enough for both a spacious walk-in shower and a bath, a shower/tub combo is best. 

  • No Doors: 

The most free-spirited of shower enclosures (or lack thereof) is going doorless. Choose waterproof surfaces (and a central drain) and you won’t have to worry about splashing.

And last but not least, you’ll want to make sure your shower has the right fixtures. Besides standard faucets and drawer pull and showerheads, some gadgets can be added to upgrade a bathroom without full-on renovating.

  • Know Your Materials

Easily the most sophisticated and formal, natural stone is a bathroom surface favorite. With the right sealant, any natural stone will do well in a wet environment, so it’ll mostly come down to price and aesthetic (get to know different types and what makes them special here).

Subway tiles are a classic go-to, or you can opt for something a little more bespoke and handmade. More than a century after their creation, these petite rounds are still celebrated for affordability. Considering their friendly prices and durability in wet environments, they can be a great alternative to pricier bathroom materials like natural stone

  • Keep Storage Top of Mind

Storage is limited in most bathrooms, so a built-in shower niche is all but mandatory. Slot one between the studs, or buy a precast niche to tile over. Just make sure it’s big enough to hold your necessary shower products.


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